We could say a lot of things about how the MIDWIFE + the BAKER came to be but the short of it is that we are husband and wife, we happen to have two of the oldest professions, and we are psyched to be able to work with our hands everyday and stay connected to the simple and essential things in life - Mac as baker and Jaime as midwife.

Mac has been teaching the art of bread baking since 2011 at The San Francisco Baking Institute and is excited to share his passion and enthusiasm for whole grain sourdoughs with the wider community. "It's simple. I like taking the whole berry, grinding it, fermenting it, and turning it into a highly digestible, beautiful bread."

Jaime has her own busy practice as a Licensed Midwife in San Francisco. Her practice has a home at The Root in Noe Valley, which she shares with three of her peers. She is currently taking some time off attending births to care for our new little love, Harlowe June, and help grow our baking venture. 

We are excited and inspired by what we can cultivate at the intersection of our professions. Thank you for supporting us!!