We make our Panettone using traditional techniques and leaven the cake/bread with natural sourdough starter. The starter is refreshed every 4 hours for days before being put to work in this treat.  The interior is soft and golden from the abundance of egg yolk and studded with raisins candied orange and lemon.  Once the first dough is mixed it's a whole 24 hours before the final bread is baked!  The slow fermentation leaves an extremely tender cake-like bread that must hang upside down white cooling to keep it from collapsing.  It really defies gravity.  

Eat as is straight from the package or heat in a 325F oven for 5-8 minutes to bring this bread back to melt in your mouth tenderness.  The sourdough starter used to leaven this bread along with the butter and sugar will offer a long shelf life. (some bakers ceremoniously will keep a panettone from the previous years production to prove its keeping quality) Enjoy!  Available through December at all markets.  Order in advance to guarantee getting one.

Ingredients: organic bread flour, butter, organic egg yolk, sugar, water, candied orange, candied lemon, organic raisins, orange zest, salt, sourdough starter (flour, water), vanilla bean. glaze: organic egg yolk, almond flour, organic millet flour, sugar, sliced almonds. allergens: wheat, egg, dairy, nuts