100% Whole Wheat (a hard red wheat grown in California)

Fresh milled hard red whole and Edison grain wheat, water, and sea salt that's all you need for this tender flavorful bread.  The dark aromatic crust gives away to a soft moist interior.  We keep the natural sourdough mild so the cereal flavors shine through.  Available plain crust, sesame crust, or filled with walnuts and black currants.  

100% Whole Rye and Spelt (***contains dairy)

Our German style rye is 100% whole grain comprised of 75% fresh milled whole rye and remainder whole spelt.  We leaven it with a punchy rye sour and add buttermilk plus a hint of molasses to enhance crust caramelization.  

100% Whole Spelt

The whole spelt is the premier toasting bread, especially the raisin and coriander.  This bread is milder in flavor to the Glenn, and the cracked porridge offers some nice texture.  People with sensitivity to gluten have found that spelt is easier to digest.  Available plain or with raisins and coriander.

100% Whole Sonora (a white wheat grown in California)

Sonora is a landrace white wheat gaining popularity in the West.  We are in love with the aromatics when we hydrate this flour.  It smells like sweet milk crossed with wildflowers.  The final loaf is sweeter than the red wheats we offer and the crust colors beautifully.  Available at Sunday markets only.

100% Whole Khorasan

Khorasan is a very hard grain and an ancestor to our modern durums.  This grain is a white wheat and like the Sonora is milder in flavor than the spelt and Glenn.  This loaf is naturally sweet and when toasted the interior is creamy and tender. Available at Sunday markets only.

Country "White" (with 40% fresh whole Sonora)

Our whiter sour that hides the fact that it's nearly half fresh whole grain.  This one has a rich crispy crust and a cannele tender interior.  We offer this bread as a batard, or a pan with flax and toasted sunflower, or chopped kalamata olives (careful for a stray pit)     

Kamut Baguette (sweet, French)

The baguette is buttery and nutty even before you smother it with butter.  We kept this one classic French, so no sourdough.  


Our ciabatta is a great vehicle for our vegetarian seasonal flat breads or filled sweet or savory.  We offer the following flavors: jalapeno/cheddar, olive rosemary fougasse, and dark chocolate. 


  • butter croissant - Winner of People's Choice best croissant San Francisco 2018!

  • chocolate croissant

  • raisin croissant with pastry cream

  • cardamom twist

  • Fra mani smoked ham and cheese

  • seasonal sweet or savory danish

  • almond (twice baked)

  • double chocolate (twice baked chocolate almond) with sunflower seeds

  • currant orange scone